I've developed a slight obsession with two attractive brothers and a socially awkward angel. I occasionally write.



supernatural meme: three angels — gabriel [2/3]

I’m in the game now, and I’m not on your side, or Michael’s. I’m on theirs.

Cody Stonerock was a very dedicated member of the Supernatural Family. He returned to heaven early this morning after fighting a long and painful battle against cancer. A tumor had been pushing on the nerves in his back, taking away his ability to walk before eventually taking away his life. His sister said he was comfortable when passing. Everybody please pray for Cody’s loved ones. He was a soldier who earned his wings and now sits among the angels in heaven. He is watching over us, and we will never forget him. RIP Cody.


spn meme: ten scenes [6/10]

-Okay, this is it. I’ll see you on the other side. Probably sooner than later.
-Make it later.